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"One day, despite all your best laid plans and intentions, our two worlds will collide."

- Christopher Swithin, from Princes of Sandastre

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An Impressive Feat of World-Building…

“Rockall is one of the most significant achievements in the history of fantasy worldbuilding, and *William Sarjeant was a true Renaissance Man. It’s wonderful to see his vast creation being given new life, and being brought to new audiences.”
— Robert J. Sawyer, Hugo Award-winning author of The Oppenheimer Alternative
“*William Sarjeant’s Rockall series is an impressive feat of world-building and story-telling. Mark Sebanc’s thoughtful re-framing of these works makes them more accessible to a new generation of readers. I welcome this well-deserved re-emergence of Sarjeant’s remarkable work.”
— Douglas A. Anderson, editor of The Annotated Hobbit
* A world-renowned scholar, William Sarjeant used the pen name Antony Swithin.


Book I:
Princes of Sandastre

The Perilous Quest Begins…
In the year of Our Lord 1403, as England smoulders with the suppressed rebellion, young Simon Branthwaite sets sail across the Atlantic in search of the lost realm of Lyonesse. His quest will take him to Rockall, a land wreathed in legend; a land of weird beasts and wondrous happenings, of great beauties and terrible dangers.

And there begin adventures stranger than the wildest of Simon’s imaginings; adventures that will change the course of his life and reshape that land for ever…


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The Perilous Quest for Lyonesse Series

     It is the year 1403 in the high Middle Ages. King Henry reigns in England, but to the West in the misty reaches of the North Atlantic, veiled by a mysterious portal, lies Rockall, an other-dimensional lost world, all that remains of the legendary continent of Atlantis.


Book I

Princes of Sandastre

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Book II

The Lords of the Stoney Mountains

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World of Rockall

Explore the history, geography, maps and more from the legendary island.  Featuring lost lore  from the archives of chronicler Antony Swithin.

To the Archives…

“…As well as being the author of a twelve-novel cycle centred on Rockall and titled The Perilous Quest for Lyonesse, the late Professor William Antony Swithin (Bill) Sarjeant was a palynologist, paleontologist, ichnologist, historian of geology, field naturalist, archivist, bibliophile, local historian, folksinger, musicologist, and Sherlockian scholar…”

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